Collaboration strategy at Lee Siu Yam Memorial School

lsy_cnt_game2_smWith a little help from Jeany Wu and Xavier Keung, students at Li Po Chun United world College of Hong Kong, we ran a Carbon Trading Game in Cantonese for a group of 10-11 year old students at Sai Kung Central Lee Siu Yam Memorial School (LSY).  The game was characterized by a real spirit of cooperation between the countries, so that much-needed resources were relatively freely shared.  (If only the world operated in such a generous-spirited manner!)

The easy spirit toughened up a little towards the end as paper became scarce, mainly as a result of profligate waste in the early stages of the game as the students used entire sheets to make one circle.  The importance of team work and thinking ahead became apparent as the game progressed and many of the students began to act more strategically.  The LSY students really enjoyed themselves, and the small group teamwork was a good experience.lsy_cnt_game_sm

Many thanks to Sannie Chan at LSY for the coordination.

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th_logo_2010_smTeng Hoi Conservation Organization is a member of Take Tech Ltd, a non-profit making organization registered in Hong Kong.  We develop practical and participative environmental programmes with a strong emphasis on education and measurable results.  'Teng Hoi' is a Cantonese phrase that translates as 'listen to the sea', a name that came from our first programme, the development of a device to locate explosions underwater generated by illegal fish bombs.

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